Smart Home Heating

Introducing the future of home heating controls.

We pride ourselves in providing the forefront of heating technologies to customers’ homes. With Worcester Bosch, Nest, and Honeywell heating controls; you are able to control your heating from your smartphone, or even by the thermostat learning your heating requirements and adjusting automatically.

Cut Your Heating Bills

Additionally, this gives homeowners a better understanding of how to improve their energy bills by displaying their heating usage throughout each day.

Some smart controls even automatically adjust to minimise heating bills, changing the temperature throughout the day depending on your home’s unique requirements.

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Worcester Bosch Wave

Wave Smart controls offers homeowners the ability to be able to control their heating either via their smartphone and tablet, or through traditional physical controls. Additionally, Worcester Bosch’s Wave control takes advantage of advanced control features such as weather and load compensation.

Wave Smart controls are available as an add-on for our finance options; only £2.99 additional per month.



Similarly to Worcester Bosch’s Wave controls, Honeywell’s heating controls allow homeowners to control their heating via the Honeywell app. Additionally, the app is able to be controlled to other home features, such as lighting.

When paired with compatible devices, Honeywell controls can be operated using voice controls.



Owned by the same company as Google, Nest’s products are not only stylish in design but also functional. All Nest devices can be controlled via Nest’s convenient app, including your home’s heating. Nest devices can even be controlled with voice commands, if you own a Google Home.

The Nest thermostat is able to learn your heating requirements and will automatically adjust depending on your everyday schedule, and will even suggest ways of minimising your energy bills.

They also provide two-in-one smoke and carbon monoxide alarm which can alert your phone of any threats (in case you’re out the home), and will even speak to tell you if it detects any smoke so you can mute the alarm if you’re cooking.

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