Beat The Winter Rush; Replace Your Boiler This Summer

If your boiler is over 10 years old, it’s likely to be inefficient in comparison to newer model. Boilers using non-condensing technologies have efficiency as low as 40%, up to 50% less efficient than a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler.

If you are considering replacing your boiler in 2018, it may be worth scheduling an installation during the summer as opposed to the winter (which people more commonly do) when your boiler is more in demand.

Summer boiler replacement benefits:

  • House remains a comfortable temperature due to the summer warmth whilst your new boiler is being installed.
  • Avoid your current boiler unexpectedly breaking down in the winter due to increased temperature demands.
  • Less waiting time for boiler replacements, as there is a lower demand for boilers for during the summer.
  • More time to make sure you choose the boiler which is correct for your home.
  • Home efficiency is improved for the winter allowing you to save on heating bills.


During the winter many people require boiler breakdown repairs, servicing and installations. Because of this, it can result in longer waiting times for boiler replacements and servicing. By replacing your boiler during the summer, you are able to avoid these waiting times and also avoid any unexpected boiler breakdowns during the cold weather.

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