How to protect your boiler against performance degradation

Annual boiler servicing

Whilst obvious, it is surprising how many homeowners forget to get their boiler serviced annually. Boiler servicing key for retaining efficiency, avoiding breakdown repairs and protecting against potential issues such as gas leaks.

Additionally, if you have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler, it is essential for it to be serviced in order to retain the boiler’s guarantee. Meaning if your central heating system has a 10 year guarantee, you could potentially invalidate your guarantee.


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Magnetic Filters

By collecting any iron oxide caused by corrosion, magnetic filters are able to protect against the build up of sludge and other residues. This maximises the lifespan of the system by protecting against these issues.


Flush unwanted residue out of your central heating system, maximising efficiency and increasing system’ lifespan. Extra benefits also exist, such as reduced noise.

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If you find that your boiler does break down, don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly engineers will be able to get your home cosy and warm again!