Loud heating system? Banging pipes?

Are your pipes making a loud banging noise? If your heating system is creating a lot of noise, it may require a power flush.

Loud banging noises tend to be a sign of residue build-up within the pipes, caused by rust and limescale, often resulting in a sludge. This results in your heating system no longer performing at maximum efficiency, and the boiler struggling to provide effective heating.

By power flushing the heating system we are able to remove a lot of this unwanted sludge, freeing up the pipes from this build-up and allowing the heating system to return to its former performance.

This results in a range of different benefits including; an increased heating system lifespan, increase energy efficiency, safeguarded from further issues or breakdowns, and reduced noise.


We recommend power flushing as a way of ensuring your heating system’s health, alongside annual boiler servicing.

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