Looking after your heating in freezing weather

Now that we are in the middle of winter, temperatures are now dropping below freezing temperatures regularly. Because of this, some potential issues could arise with your home’s heating systems.

Here are some of the issues you could encounter within the coming months:

Freezing Condensation Pipe

Condensation pipes freezing is a very common issue when temperatures fall sub-zero, and/or it snows overnight.

If your boiler suddenly develops a fault overnight resulting in no hot water or heating, check to see if your condensation pipe has frozen. Your condensation pipe is the white plastic pipe that goes from your boiler, to outside.

You might hear a gurgling noise coming from the boiler and if your boiler has a digital display, you might see an ‘EA’ error code too. These are all signs of the condensation pipes being frozen.

If you find that the condensation pipe has frozen, pour some hot water (not boiling) on the outside pipe & reset the boiler. This should resolve the issue.


Boiler Breakdowns

A number of issues can arise from cold weather. Usually, this is due to the boiler having increased pressure to keep the home warm.

Very simply, to help avoid these issues, ensure your boiler is serviced annually. By servicing your boiler, one of our engineers can help ensure your boiler is operating at optimal efficiency and performance.

This is especially important for older boilers, as the likelihood of an issue occurring increases substantially with age.

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