Combi Boiler Maintenance

Whilst a boiler isn’t the most glamorous aspect of the home, there’s no doubt it’s one of the most essential elements for comfortable living conditions. Providing hot water, keeping the home warm within the winter, preventing the buildup of damp/mould; your boiler plays an essential roll within your home.

The majority of homes within the UK are equipped with a combi boiler, taking advantage of their many benefits including high-efficiency.

Keeping your combi boiler maintained is important for ensuring that its high-efficiency is protected from degradation, in addition to safeguarding the boiler from breakdowns and ensuring its longevity.

Here are some ways to ensure your combi boiler is performing optimally:

Annual Boiler Service

Annual boiler servicing is an essential way of ensuring that your boiler is achieving its optimal performance, helping prevent any potential issues; thus protecting your home from going without hot water and avoiding have to pay for boiler parts or a replacement boiler.

If your boiler requires an annual service to ensure it is performing at its most efficient and effective, please get in touch to schedule an annual service with one of our engineers.

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Powerflushing Southampton


Numerous issues can occur within the central heating system, but one very common one issue in central heating systems is the buildup of sludge or residue due to the gradual corrosion of your heating system’s pipes (through rust and limescale).

Powerflushing is an effective way of getting rid of this unwanted residue, freeing up your pipes and allowing your boiler to perform at its most optimal performance once again.

Get in touch to find out more about powerflushing and arrange a powerflush with one of our heating engineers.

Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls help ensure that your heating system is working at its most optimal whilst also maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home. This then stops the heating system from going under too much stress and prevents potential boiler issues.

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