Helping You Find The Right Boiler

Sunny with blue skies on one day, and blistering winds paired with torrential rain the next; part of living in the United Kingdom is the unpredictable weather. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your home is equipped with a boiler that can keep your home a comfortable temperature.

Having the correct boiler minimises heating costs and ensures you meet your home’s heating requirements; our team of qualified heating engineers can help you find what boiler is the right size for your home.

Every home is different, a correctly sized boiler will help your home stay warm during cold seasons whilst not wasting unnecessary amounts of fuel.

Why shouldn’t your boiler be too small?

A boiler that’s too small for your home will struggle to meet your home’s requirements. It may struggle to provide adequate heating (resulting in your home potentially being colder than desired, or the boiler breaking) and will be very inefficient.

Because the boiler is struggling to meet the heating requirements, it results in the boiler not achieving maximum efficiency (since the boiler isn’t created for the house/flat’s size). Additionally, the boiler’s longevity will be compromised due to it having this constant stress.


boiler short cycling

Why shouldn’t your boiler be too big?

If your boiler is too big, it could result in it short-cycling and wasting fuel.

Short-cycling is when the boiler meets its temperature demands and becomes idle. Since cold air cools the base of the boiler, it constantly needs to fire up which often results in more heat being produced then necessary. Rather than this heat being used for heating your home, it’s wasted through the flue due to convection.

Not only does this cause wasted heat, but also results in fuel (and therefore money) being used unnecessarily.

Why should a fully qualified heating engineer choose your boiler?

Many new boiler supplying companies are encouraging homeowners to choose their own boiler, often resulting in them receiving inadequate home heating. By having one of our fully qualified heating engineers look at your home’s unique requirements, we’re able to provide a boiler that perfectly meets your home requirements.

Whilst it’s important to heat your home, we appreciate that being able to save money on heating bills is an additional benefit. Because of this, we help our customers create more economical homes that save them money and diminish their carbon footprint.

For full access to Alford Plumbing and Heating’s expertise, please contact us and we’ll be able to help you.

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